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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coconut Balls - Carob, Dates and Coconut

Is Carob Paleo ? Yes, it is, according Mark Sisson. 

So, that said, these coconut balls still have to be considered as a Sweet Treat guys; as it contains a pretty good proportion of natural sugars. Avoid them on a empty stomach, as they might create a huge spike in your blood sugar levels. 

Appreciating them slowly, with a glass of Organic Coconut Water, a cup of coconut milk or a glass of Raw Milk (if you take the risk of drinking Raw Dairy) sounds wise to me... 

These coconut balls contain wonderful ingredients

To get 5 coconut balls 

- Fresh Organic Medjool Dates, seeded (5) 
- Organic Maca powder ( 1 teaspoon, heaped) 
- Organic Carob powder ( 5 tbsp, heaped)
- Organic Dessicated Coconut ( 5 tbsp, heaped)
- Organic Cocoa Butter (equivalent to 3 cubes)
- Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil (3 tbsp when liquid) 

- Pour everything in a food processor and mix till you obtain a coarse-textured powder
- Using your hands, grab some powder and knead it till you get a nice ball. Top the balls with some extra dessicated coconut, if desired, and more coconut oil if needed. 
- Chill the coconut balls for 45 minutes at least : place them on a plate with some cling film on top. 

Enjoy ... Close your eyes ! 

What do you think ? 

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