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Monday, April 29, 2013

Science First - Part 1 - Flourless Nutrient-Dense Chocolate Cake

Eggs and butter are the main ingredients. Yes, there's some raw chocolate too! 

Afraid by so many fatty foods? Cholesterol and saturated fats are not your enemies ... 

Believe me! There is no reason to stop eating eggs. There is no reason to swap butter for vegetable oils. 

Ask Chris Kresser! Or just read THIS article and THIS study.

There is NO evidence that saturated fats cause heart disease. 

There is NO evidence that replacing them by vegetable oils decreases the risk of heart disease.  

Now folks, forget the texture of a chocolate cake and get ready for a whole new sensation. This chocolate cake is smooth ... like a delicate mousse, but not like a chocolate fondant.

Stay tuned. Recipe is coming soon!

Make sure you've got 8 eggs (pastured ideally), 150 grams of raw chocolate (I love the LovingEarth one), some raw honey, 125 grams of raw butter. 

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