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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tired ? Have you eaten Pork?

I HAVE to share this. 

Since I avoid eggs, my breakfast is now made of meat, avocado, blueberries and coconut cream.

I have created a delicious meat recipe and was very proud of it. I was about to tell how tasty and filling it was, till I realized it might be THE culprit for my extreme sleepiness

So, I'm going to tweak it a bit, and I will keep you posted. 

Well. I have never eaten big amounts of porks, until I found this recipe, which is a veal/pork patty. Stupidly Simple. 

So, cheerfully (new word, I've never used it), I've eaten a veal/pork patty every morning during 5 days in a row. 

Every morning this week has been a fight, to get up and to stay awake. I had to go to bed around 4 PM and was struggling to get up at 7 PM, to get the dinner ready. 

And then ... Ta Daaaah ! 

I remembered that Pork, uncured or not properly prepared, could trigger some weird things in the blood.

So, next time you eat pork, make sure it is properly prepared, meaning that it should be cured ( like bacon) or marinated in a medium acidic, like apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, coconut kefir, milk kefir, whole milk yogurt. 
If you need some readings, please find those 2 articles: 

I will adapt my recipe and will keep you posted. 

A bientôt

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